I am Li ... 

Loving the sun and the swing, obviously 

Loving the sun and the swing, obviously 

Yes this is ME. 

This is me having fun on a warm summer day in Melbourne, a place I now called home. 

A place that has given me a different spin in life with the courage and space to discover, think creatively and act thoughtfully

That ignited my love on questioning the bandwagon, examining the surfaces under beneath those pretty little stuff and invoking my wicked sense of humour.

Did I say before .. all stuff are a means to an end. Most of us know the stuff. 

But really, what's the end? 

I think we are trying to get to it. And I think the means to get to it is through questioning the narrative and unpicking we have learnt as part of our upbringing. Sometimes it even means that we start with a beginner's mind

About upbringing.. 

In my previous life, I have been in the banking sector and start-up space. Both of which are highly sought after during their prime time (well start-up still is on the mighty bandwagon at this point of writing). After a series of tribulations (include moving countries and losing my chinese privilege), it has occurred to me that a presence transcends beyond turning the wheels at work and home. Each conversation at home, work or even at the streets is shaping the society and the very fabric we sit on. So we all have a part to shape the society we live and want to live in. 

If you would like to exchange curly questions (well don't mind if it ain't curly too!) and laughter over coffee, hit me up at sayhitogeek@gmail.com