Why is the thought mightier than the pen?

In my home page, I mentioned that the pen is mightier than the sword. And the thought is mightier than the pen. 


Well.. we are all an exchange of energy, so are thoughts. 

Thoughts are exchange of energy. Thoughts manifest. 

Remember the last time you can't sleep after a crazy day at work or before an highly anticipated board meeting? These are thoughts screaming in your head. They kept you awake and alive (or the lack of it at times). They are the ones that print the dark eye rings on you and keep you walking like a zombie as the world fades into oblivion. 

The thought drives the pen and the emotions

The thought drives your words, your email and that exchange with a colleague or your partner.

It feeds you or at times it feeds on you and that is mightier than a pen. 


You are what you think