It's your job to tell your manager what they don't know

Oh really?

Waking up on a Sunday to an article titled “This one Piece of Career Shaped my Entire Career” got me thinking.

Some great insights that jumped out at me

  • Work and life are not really that separate as Matt Kamen has pointed out.. We often wish that we keep the work turbulence out of our life and we are a different person in and outside of work where in fact we rely mostly on the same skill set and demeanor. In fact sometimes the hard knocks you received in life is what you applied to your work. The same goes for your response to challenges at work and life.

  • We assume and we always assume that manager should know better because after-all they should know everything that we already know. Should that really be the case?

  • Recognise that the ambiguity of an initiative presents an opportunity to shape it. Take on the challenge to bring our judgement to the table, to be creative and bold in shaping up something that you strongly believe in .